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Maliha and Time at a show last week

Untitled by Yuan Yatsuo on Flickr.


A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer in Mombassa, March 1909. Photograph by Underwood and Underwood

Those tattoos.

Untitled (Edition for Parkett 60) by Diana Thater

Shozo Shimamoto (Japanese, 1928-2013), Magi 917, 2008. Broken glass and acrylic on canvas, 160 x 130 cm.

illustration by Takahashi Macoto for the cover of a manga by Tanaka Michiko

Tonight I hung out with all the French exchange students and I can’t believe how cool they all are they are literallyliving my dream life. A French boy has a Crush on me and I’m going to kiss him Friday night I swear to god. Send me good vibes I want thiss


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Most Important Ugly opens on Friday! These are just outtakes — process shots.

Since the interview questions that are so important to MIU will not be on display unless you buy the limited edition zine run (only 13 copies) I figured I’d talk a little bit about these particular moments. 

  1. For Megan, we had like a 2 hour discussion riffing off of the interview questions — a rough, rough draft of the initial questions are here. But we talked about theory a lot, and Foucault, and love and loss and n dysphoria and forgiveness. This led to a discussion of Bluets. Bluets is a beautiful meditation on the color blue but it’s about relationships and obsession and desire too. Blue was an important color to Megan and she also grapples with control in her life a lot, with visibility in queerness, so I used that all against her in her portrait. Her Ugly came out almost ambiguous. This is the only photo you’ll see of the results. 
  2. This photo of Indigo has absolutely nothing to do with her final portrait, I just like it a lot. Doesn’t she actually glow? She glows in real life too. People say it’s really hard to light black skin correctly. This has all been set up through cultural bias which led to technical bias (more on that here) but it’s not impossible and it’s more than possible as you can see. Tayler did a really beautiful job lighting her and we’ve never had problems lighting people before. It’s just you have to fucking bother. It’s not a technical failing after a point: it’s your failing. You have failed the sitter. I did help the glow by using some cream pigments and liquid luminizers on her high points and contour on her hollows (red and brown eyeshadows rather than traditional contour powders, to befit the lighting) — and an absurdly expensive lip gloss - but mostly it’s just her and the lights. You don’t need to photoshop lighten someone to make them glow and jump off the photo. You just have to do your job right. 

Anyway, four of the final photos and more details on the exhibition are over here. I’ll talk more about the final processes of those photos and the rest later/soon/eventually.

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